Project 365: 23/6 My favourite hearse - The colour of ectoplasm, no?


Project 365: 23/6 My favourite hearse - The colour of ectoplasm, no?

SAME OLD, SAME OLD... from Fakt 13 Visual Lab on Vimeo.

(via It’s Nice That : Luca Tóth) Reminds me a little of David O’Reily

Untold stories of the civil rights movement:

SPIES OF MISSISSIPPI airs tonight on Independent Lens, PBS.

Interview with director Dawn Porter featuring my graphics - *proud* !

orla joan handley at 422

Essential viewing on PBS tomorrow night:

Spies of Mississippi by Dawn Porter

It is the spring of 1964 and the civil rights community is gearing up for Mississippi Freedom Summer.  Mostly white student activists from the North are preparing to link up with mostly black freedom workers to accomplish what the Mississippi power structure fears the most: registering black people to vote.

The state’s entrenched white power structure are ready to fight back. 

A long hot Mississippi summer is about to explode.


A film by Dawn Porter.

Motion graphic design by me at 422 South.



Aww Yeah. The Best of Both Worlds!

So here’s the deal:

I’m doing a SFW, SF-Friends-and-Family version called "Some Days You Just Have To Dress Up As A Cow"

The main version, complete with this dude nude and some other shots with ‘tude will be called "Fake It ‘Til You Make It", and that will be made available on this blog…

…but not just yet. You’ll know when they are good to go and where to order them.

Oh! OH YAY! A book is about to be born!! It’s a good day!

(some thanks to Katie West for talking me through some details of the process on this strange Sunday)

Eeeets cominggg!!!!

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I think the powerfully suggestive lyrics “can’t get … out of my head” should be banned. At least from choruses.

That Kylie track was alright, but the gun-puns, again Franz Ferdinand offering was bloody awful.

(Now there’s a statement I never thought I’d hear myself say).

Two months later, can the radio in my head could stop playing it, please?

ED FAIRBURN (via Globemakers)

ED FAIRBURN (via Globemakers)



Your Pokemon hurt itself in confusion!


Your Pokemon hurt itself in confusion!

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Independent Shopping Year: Day 2

Last Asda Shop: NYE 2013 to cache a few essentials before New Year’s Closed Day.

And lo, on my last visit to Asda, I was ID-ed.

I gave the cusp-of-40ish cashier a look that I like to think conveyed “C’mon sister, I’m buying eggs, spuds and ale. Grown up stuff; don’t mess with me.” But it only took her the briefest re-appraisal to agree on my age as I said it. I resisted an urge to protest and took the beer.

Today, Jan 2nd, required tools as well as victuals.

So I set off to North Street, merrily thinking I’d hit plenty birds with just the one rock. Minutes later I was crestfallen to discover my local chock-full indy hardware shop-keeper had as much idea what a “shave hook” was as I’d had half an hour earlier before my boyfriend explained it. Shrugging, she said she couldn’t tell me if she had one, or if she did, where it might be.  At least in Screwfix they can bloody look it up, I thought. Happily, I found it in seconds on the rack nearest the counter - about 2ft from the good lady’s face.

Then, disappointed at the Deli. No loo-roll! Travesty! (They normally sell loo-roll; obviously if this were strictly a vegetables-stuffed-with-animals or vice-versa sort of establishment, that’d be fine and I wouldn’t expect top hats or dumbells or DAB radios either, but they do sell basic cleaning of self and home stuffs). Furthermore, despite a glut of short-dated 2-litre bottles of milk, clearly out of favour even in the absence of any half-sized siblings and unlikely to attract sufficient attention in the remaining two days of their lives, they offered no discount.

I decided however, in my infinite wisdom, that these are but minor and human shortcomings; of which actually I have plenty, not least forgetfulness. The deli guy came after me with the rice crackers I’d abandoned on the counter, and the hardware lady, though I interrupted her text conversation on my return, knew exactly where the radiator keys were.

Oh and I sawed a kitchen roll in half with a bread knife: instant loo-roll, ta-daa.

(Lion Stores, Southville Deli)

New Year’s Resolution: Shop Locally - ?

I know the title sounds like a no-brainer. I mean Exclusively Locally.

I just went through last year’s bank statements.

Last year I banned myself from shopping at Tesco -there are 3 within spoon-throwing distance of my abode so I’m pleased to have mostly succeeded… But I think I’ve unwittingly redirected my cash toward Asda/Wallmart.

So this year I think it’s local only. 

Maybe ban Amazon too. 

And eBay.

Now I’m immediately trying to weedle out of that thinking it’ll be Far Too Hard. But that’s ridiculous, right? Hard is …not having fresh water within 5 miles of your house, or bringing up kids on below-minimum wage, or being evicted from a shed by some twat from Eton who apparently never read the Nativity story, or the massive contraction of all world economies and death of physical and local exchange resulting in total human isolation and exploitation. Those things would be hard.

I realise I’m discussing several issues at once here but the point is I don’t have any excuses.

(Though I expect the insistence of most local shops to close as soon as people finish work will become a problem).

Anyway we’ll see.

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